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Selects, rough cut, and made a flashing wall for what was originally a mini-documentary of @teyanataylor being in her element in Harlem, New York. We cut it for a more focused, fierce depiction of that hometown element.

CYCY Sanders is a talented director and encourages play experimentation, and challenges when he knew when a cut lacks the finesse on which he builds his brand. The tough-but-fair type. No shot is too precious, and there was always a lot of coverage so every decision and cut matters.

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"zodiac" for W Magazine

Here are featured all of the videos in which I had a hand in making the selects, assembly, rough cut, and final cut. CYCY's research into each Zodiac sign is evident from each video's unique production design, costume, and acting. The cut should also, of course, reflect the flavoring of each sign as well. CYCY went to bat for the music in Virgo on my behalf, which I'm still pretty happy about.

Director: @cpxnyc
Styling: @simonrobins1000
Amazing!! 💋💋 —@donatella_versace

SCORPIO | mysterious, spiritual, sexual


PISCES | calculating, nostalgic, emotive

SAGITTARIUS | intense, adventurous, rebellious

CANCER | cunning, nurturing, emotionally receptive

VIRGO | structured, reliable, steady

GEMINI | indecisive, imaginative, flirtatious
@samile_b + @mayowanicholas

TAURUS | stubborn, flashy, earthy

ARIES | passionate, forward, impulsive

CAPRICORN | hard working, grounded, combative

DSQUARED2'S DANCE NATION for vman magazine

My first project with CYCY (pronounced "kay-kay"). He wanted this fun, fresh, and energetic. Cut fast and play with the footage; demonstrate that you had as much fun making the video as people will have watching it. Not much to do for color correction per se; the lights at Baby Grand were plenty enough.

My role was to comb the footage for selects of the best moments, and prepare a rough cut. The rough cut evolved over time as we talked about what was "major" and "not major" (a deceptively simple but effective strategy for decision-making in the cut). CYCY took the reigns to bring home the edit for the final cut with the sharp scissor-snip freshness that defines his aesthetic and effortlessly demonstrates how, as I mentioned, looks like it was as fun to create as it is to watch.

Shot by CYCY Sanders
Styled by Britt Berger
Choreography by Javier Madrid
Models: Hannah Ferguson, Zuri Tibby, Chase Hill, Francisco Escobar, Jonathan Rodriguez, Eddie Schimmerman, Javier Madrid
All models wear DSquared2
two models sitting in baby's all rigta blonde model vaguely reminiscent of olivia wilde

Selects, rough cuts, and color correction for a short video introducing the MAC Nicopanda collection with @Nicola Formichetti; makeup tutorials featuring @Aquaria and Rina Sawayama.

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Selects, rough cuts, and motion graphics showcasing behind-the-scenes at a show for NARS Cosmetics.


Selects, rough cuts, final cut, and color correction for 17 makeup tutorials and two sizzle reels for BEAUTYCOUNTER's Get the Look and Flawless in Five series. CyCy put a lot of faith in me for this series. Many requested revisions were made to each video over the course of two months asking for fundamental, overall structural changes as our client revised their concept to make the series the best, most-focused, most refined tutorial for beauty application we could.

an intense model with a sharp coiffure applying red lipstickan intense model with a sharp coiffure applying red lipstick, but color-corrected
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Selects colored according to Good, Best, and Gotta Have It
Selects re-colored based on the models and restructured for the sizzle reel

A series of video for which I did a week's worth of selects and rough cuts, starring @Austin Mahone and @Sofia Richie. Included here to journal the experience only; I can't claim credit for the final release of the videos as SamanthaThavasaJP recut the entire project themselves into a more graphically-intense, episodic, romance adventure.

two models side-hugging in the endless summer dusktwo models side-hugging in the endless summer dusk, but color-corrected
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six young women on the beach, cheeringa smiling young gentlemen with a fresh haircuta young lady affectionately showing off her jewelrya young man with tall hair listening to a football on a beach

Assistant editing such as creating selects, stringouts, assembly, datamosh research, and consultation for various odds and ends at CPX Productions.

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